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Imagine glass that doesn’t smash… plastic that doesn’t scratch… a surface spray paint doesn’t really stick to… a plastic that doesn’t melt like wax when burned. Couldn’t you really go to town with a unique mirror like this?

AXGARD®-MSR is the answer. Combining unbreakable polymer resilience with a specially formulated, tough, UV protected, scratch-resistant coating, it holds the key to success for many projects globally. Very much at home in highly destructive and impact-prone environments, the core strength of AXGARD®-MSR lies at the heart of it’s success, and the added benefi t of tough abrasion resistance and anti-graffiti properties makes it a favourite with specifiers and contractors alike. Fixing is simple; AXGARD®-MSR can be bonded to any fl at substrate, or mechanically fixed. In demanding, high security applications, a combination of both provides an extra safeguard. In sensitive locations, anti-ligature edge-finishing can be applied with ease.